is an autonomous logistics robot that can tow payloads up to 5 tons.
Usable in both indoor & outdoor environments.
It uses LiDAR based maps to navigate autonomously and has several state-of-the-art sensors for ultimate operational safety.

AutoTow complies with CE directives.

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Autonomous vehicle technology enables safer and cost effective solutions for your supply chain and logistics operations.


Largo-Assos Robot

Basic Specification

5 tons Towing Capacity

2 x 2.7kW DC Motor

320 Ah 48V Lead Acid Battery Unit

2 m/sec Max Speed


Indoor & Outdoor operation

Obstacle Avoidance

Automatic Trailer Connection

Vehicle Control Application

Autonomy Hardware

In-Vehicle Industrial Computer

In-Vehicle Industrial Panel PLC

3D Navigation LIDAR

IMU Unit


Automatic Trailer Connection LIDAR


Safety Hardware

Safety Outdoor LIDAR

Safety PLC

Safety Encoders

Safety Bumpers

Safety Lights

Emergency Stops



4G LTE & WiFi

Largo-Assos Robot

Navigation Software Summary

AutoTow autonomous navigation software is built on the ROS platform. The vehicle is designed to automatically complete designated navigation tasks. Autonomy software fuses sensor data for precise localisation and path planning.

AutoTow creates dynamic paths to avoid obstacles on its route without interrupting operations.

Navigation software connects to the Fleet Management Software to receive tasks and regularly update its status for real-time monitoring of the vehicles.

In addition to navigational tasks, AutoTow has the ability to connect to trailers using its LiDAR based automatic trailer connection unit.

Vehicle Control Application

AutoTow can be manually controlled using a mobile device. The Vehicle Control Application (VCA) provides a user-friendly interface to connect to the vehicle.

Some basic functions like start, stop and manual drive can be performed without the need for a separate remote control.

The VCA provides real-time sensor data regarding the status of the vehicle and other diagnostics information.

The operator can create virtual routes by recording the position data whilst driving the vehicle manually. This helps establish more accurate paths in addition to the paths designed in the Fleet Management Software maps.

Largo-Assos Robot

Fleet Management Software

AutoTow is connected to the Fleet Management Software (FMS). AutoTow receives tasks from the FMS and sends self-aware status updates for real-time monitoring.

The communication between the vehicle and the FMS can be established using either WiFi or 4G depending on the facility infrastructure.

Master definitions like regions, stations and virtual paths can be defined using the GUI environment.

A navigation task is sent to a vehicle from the FMS to start an autonomous navigation process which would originate from the current position of the vehicle to the target position. A target position is a predefined location on the map with a description and geographical coordinates (x,y).

Connecting or disconnecting a trailer is initiated from the FMS using specific commands.

Fixed virtual paths can be created in both the FMS or the VCA by recording live data.

The default behaviour of a vehicle, such as speed limits, can be controlled and updated by defining logical checkpoints on the map at any point along the path.

Largo-Assos Robot-CE


AutoTow is equipped with the latest technology hardware to provide the maximum level of safety in accordance with EU legislation.

The safety hardware includes the redundancy required to give fail-safe operation. Safety software algorithms are designed according to CE directives to deliver continuous and consistent safety even in the event of a sensor malfunction.

AutoTow has a CE certification from a notified body.

Applied EC Directives : 2014/35/EU, 2006/42/AT, 2014/30/EC

EN ISO 12100:2010,TS EN ISO 13849-1:2016,TS EN ISO 13849-2:2008,

TS EN 62061:2005/A2:2015,TS EN 60204-1:2018,TS EN ISO 13857:2019,

EN ISO 13855:2010, EN ISO 14119:2013, EN ISO 14120:2015,

TS EN ISO 13850:2009, EN ISO 13854:2019, ISO 3691-4:2020, EN ISO 1525:199


We provide turnkey robotic solutions for factories, warehouses and stores. Our mobile robots use self-navigating technics to localize itself within predefined map. They can also operate in areas where obstacles exist. With the aid of sensing hardware, autonomous robots can avoid obstacles dynamically and plan new routes to reach the navigation goals.

What We Do?

Mobile robotics is one of the fastest growing fields of robotics engineering. Several technologies are rapidly developing to give us an opportunity to make smarter autonomous mobile robots.

As the localisation processes are getting better, autonomous robots are being used in different environments without any need to change in the infrastructure.

Sensors are getting faster and more precise, 3d imaging is opening new doors for developers.

Our team is ready to cooperate with you for your robotic projects.


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